Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2 ~ My Friendly's usual :)

So, going along with the theme for day two :)  The best food I haave ever eaten in my whole life is this Crispy Chicken Wrap from Friendly's, and Nate and I made a special trip there tonight just to get one so I could take a picture of it for you guys.  If you don't have one of these places, it's just a chain dinner and ice cream place mostly in the middle East Coast.  Seemingly boring, I know, yet my all time favorite food ever if I have to name one!  Why?  My dad used to work here from the time I was 9-13 years old.  Sometimes, he would need some extra help to bus tables and roll silverwear.  My dad was the general manager mind you!  And so he would wake me up at 5 in the A.M and ask me if I wanted to go.  You would think I wouldn't want to, but nooo!  I would jump out of bed, take the worlds fastest shower and be in the car ready to go by 6!  Sometime when I was there, he would have me help run the dishwasher!  What 12 year old girl do you know who actually "wanted" to run the dishwasher and roll silverwear at a resteraunt?  Well now you know one... me!  If I could have my secret dream job with no ramifications of social mocking or money, it would be to actually be the "head dishwasher" at Friendly's :)  I also loved working it because Ms. E (Ms. Evelyn) was the sweetest old woman who was the actual dishwasher and she needed my help a lot!  I ran into Ms. E at Walmart a while back, she calls me Little Mark to this day, Mark is my dad if thats not obvious!  Now she runs her own pizza place at our local community college and I was blessed to be able to spend two years there seeing her every day as an adult!  Good memories!

  Annnyways, back to the food!  My dad would make this for me every time I went.  No one has ever made this wrap like he did... even though I still choose it every time we go to eat there now, I always claim that no one can make it like my daddy <3