Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 16 ~ I heart Hermit Crabs!

Ok well I didn't always, they still kinda creep me out, but I have made this one my best friend :)

Isn't he funny looking?  He belongs to the kids that I nanny for twice a week!  He needs a name though.  Apparently they likebeing sprayed with water and will come out and act all excited any everything.  It makes me laugh so I like to do it a few times during the day and I had to get a picture of him!  I'm always afraid he's going to pop out of his shell or something!  They're so long when they come all the way out like that!

I love when he is all tucked into his shell! 

There used to be a white one, but unfortunately he didn't make it!  I thought this one had passed as well, but last minute before telling the parents I thought I should try spraying him with water because his shell still felt heavy, after a few sprays he leaped out of the shell and scared me half to death... after that we became friends!

This is how he greeted me this morning :)  I've never seen a hermit do that before.... oh oh oh I have a name.... he is Harrold! I just thought of it when I said Hermit! LOL  I need a life!

This is right before he tried to pinch me!  I don't think he was trying to be mean though... but their little legs still creep me out a little so I was putting him back in the tank and I sort of dropped him an inch off the floor of it :/  I hope he will still like me on Thursday!  Maybe Harrold doesn't like his picture being taken!

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