Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 339 ~ Our baby...

Well.... it's in there :)  I couldn't believe how fast they could get me in for an ultrasound when I called!  Today we got to see our baby for the first time and he or she is beautiful!  I'm not into calling them bean or peanut or anything like that, but my dad says he/she looks like a turtle, and I like that!  But for the most part, it's just my little baby!  The heart beat was 158 and we got to hear it and everything!  I'm measuring 7 weeks and 4 days which he said is perfect!

Due Date: February 16th, 2012!

Day 338 (Tuesday, July 5th) ~ Holy Emptiness!

After ages of everything in Brad and Veronica's kitchen being in the center because they're painting, they finally moved it all back against walls.  It was crazy to walk into because I'm so used to managing around everything! :)

Day 337 (Monday, July 4th) ~ "Will someone shut that man up?"

Our favorite line from our 4th of July tradition.... watching the musical 1776!  My family and I have watched it almost every year for the last 15... it's a musical surrounding the few months leading up to the Declaration being signed on the 4th of July.  I wouldn't miss watching it for anything, but after you've seen it time and time again, you watch it with varrying levels of attention every year!  That line is from when John Adams is trying to convince the Congress to declare independance!  To which he answers "Nevah!!!" As Suzanne and I think it should be spelled! lol  Then wewatched the DC fireworks on TV as usual before I headed home!

Day 336 (Sunday, July 3rd) ~ Movie Date...

Mercie was working and we had time to kill before the concert in the park so we went to see Transformers.  It was so good and I'm glad we decided to splurge on it!

Day 335 (Saturday, July 2nd) ~ Trip to camp...

Suzanne is coming home for a week from camp and I went with my mom today to pick her up!  It's an hour and a half drive and these lollipops help to keep my mind off not feeling so great.  By now I won't say I have full blown morning sickness, but I certainly don't feel great sometimes!  Oh and I'm going to show Suzanne my new folder to tell her she's going to be an aunt :)

Day 334 (Friday, July 1st) ~ My cool new folder!

It's been two and a half very long weeks waiting for my first OB appointment! And after an hour and a half in the waiting room all they did was blood work for me today and schedule an appointment for four weeks from now when I will be about 11 weeks!  But I did ask to be sent for a sonogram earlier than that for peace of mind and Dr. Stern was agreeable to that.  It could still take a week or so, but at least it might not have to be four!  I got a folder full of all the information I will need for the hospital and delivery!  I carry it around like it's my life line!

Day 333 (Thursday, June 30th) ~ Steve's noisy bird friend!

These birds have a nest up in our rafters and they sit on this railing and make sure the coast is clear before flying up to it!  I think the male is beautiful.... Steve loves to sit and talk to them in his bird chirp voice!  But man are they noisy sometimes!

Day 332 (Wednesday, June 29th) ~ Beastly...

Every once in a while I get myself a new movie off red box to watch at work while Kateri sleeps... today's choice was Beastly.  It was a fairly decent movie, charming if you will!

Day 331 (Tuesday, June 28th) ~ Yay for new music!

This is Selena Gomez's second appearance in this blog I do believe!  Her new CD came out today and Kateri and I tool a trip to get it... that and I needed a sprite so we used it as an excuse to go get one!  I don't like nearly as many songs on this one as I did on the others, but it was worth the buy!

Day 330 (Monday, June 27th) ~ Flag!

In preparation for the 4th of July... only my favorite holiday ever... Joel and I made a flag today!  He actually did a lot of the work and did a really great job!

Day 329 (Sunday, June 26th) ~ Concert in the park

Every year our local park sponsors different genre bands for a summer concert series.  Today was the first one and I went with my family!  Music from the 60's!  Is it sad that I like that music much better than most of our current music??  We also got some pretty good pizza there!

Day 328 (Saturday, June 25th) ~ Vital signs...

I rescued this little plant off the steps of our old apartment and have nursed it back to health!  It looks like it may be ready to get some flowers soon!

Day 327 (Friday, June 24th) ~ Thumbs up!

Kateri and I have been working on her thumbs up!  She got it  all by herself today!

Day 326 (Thursday, June 23rd) ~ Maybe friends?

Sofia is so cute when we leave on Mondays and Thursdays.... she has to hug everyone!  Kateri isn't so sure what she thinks about that!  But I thought it was funny later on how tan Sofie is compared to Kateri!

Day 325 (Wednesday June 22nd) ~ Perpetual Calendar

I finally dug this out of its box... we found it back in November in Florida and are going to finally put it up! You just switch around the days and months and it never ends :)