Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 324 ~ Pandemic...

Nate and his friends play this game... it's kind of like Risk, except you're supposed to work together to cure disease in all the major regions, instead of working against each other.  He's been bugging me to learn, but I've been resisting.  But I gave in, and I guess it wasn't that bad, except for the fact that we lost and weren't able to cure everywhere :/

Day 323 (Monday, August 20th) ~ Ivan is on the move!

He's almost to crawling now... he's mastered the getting on his knees part, but does not yet know what to do from there and just flops!  But he can scoot across a room pretty fast none the less!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 322 ~ Steve is busted!

He's been driving his mommy crazy trying to get in here.... the best place for their food in the new apartment at the moment!  He finally won the battle... looks like it's time to find a new place... he says he's innocent until proven guilty!

Day 321 (Saturday, June 18th) ~ KEYS!!

We needed to get Mercie a copy of the apartment key, so we went to Home Depot and I couldn't resist these!

The palm trees are for all the time, since palm trees are probably my favorite things in the whole world and we can't grow them here!  And then the Ravens key for football season ;)

Day 320 (Friday, June 17th) ~ Spot stealer!

I felt like sitting in th bean bag chair, that hadn't been used in quite some time, tonight while we were watching a movie.  I get up for a second and this is what I comeback to!

Day 319 (Thursday, June 16th) ~ Something I can use!

We had been paying for cable that was barely worth using just so we wouldn't have to pay twice as much for JUST the internet.  Once we realized we weren't bound to a contract, we switched that and got set up with broad stripe today... Now we pay just as much as we were paying before, but for cable that actually has channels worth watching!

Day 318 (Wednesday, June 15th) ~ Where was this when I was a kid???

Kateri's sprinkler....

I so have to hunt one of these down.... Suzanne and I went into fits of laughter the instant we turned on the water!

Day 317 (Tuesday, June 14th) ~ I would turn into a bird and fly away...

The most awesome page in a kids book that I have read in a long time!

Day 316 (Monday, June 13th) - Our newest addition...

We decided for space and electricity purposes to splurge on a new TV :)  Isn't she pretty?!  Charlie and Suzanne came over to watch Dr. Who on it the officially break it in!

Day 315 Part II also Sunday, June 12th ~ Positively Positive!

There's no imagining it this time :) We're going to have a baby!  I had hoped, but we've been so busy moving and everything felt the same as it always does so I was in complete shock when a second line quickly appeared this morning!  God sure has humerous timing, but I will certainly take it for everything it's worth, and it's worth more than my words can say!  It's been a wonderful day!  I should be about four and a half weeks and due in February!  I don't notice any symptoms quite yet, but they would be welcome considering how welcome this baby is to us! <3

Day 315 (Sunday, June 12th) ~ Chasing Bliss...

My brother's band, Chasing Bliss, had a show tonight and the families all went out to support them! 

Suzanne and Jakki all blurry!

Danny, Josh, Andrew and Carlton

The band moms :)

The band with their moms :) :)

Day 314 (Saturday, June11th) ~ Strawberry Festival...

I went with my mom, sister, and grandmother today to our town's annual strawberry festival... I wouldn't miss it!

Necklaces my sister and I bought :)

Strawberry Wine!

Day 313 (Friday, June 10th) ~ Feels like a forest in here...

Most likely our last painting endeavor... Mercie, Carrie  (our friend from Food Lion) and Kateri and I painted Mercie's bedroom.  When we were done, we thought it felt calming like a forest between the colors of the wall and the trees outside the window!

Day 312 (Thursday, June 9th) ~ the windies...

Today was another 100 degree day and Mandy and John haven't put in their window units... so the kids and I took turns all day standing in front of this fan... Kateri would periodically say "stand in the windies" She was so cute with it blowing her little pony tail!

Day 311 (Wednesday, June 8th) ~ Here comes the sun...

Our bedroom now gets really pretty morning sun...

Day 310 (Tuesday, June 7th) ~ Early to work??

Usually unheard of with my poor time management skills... but since we moved, it's been happening more often...

Day 309 (Monday, June 6th) ~ Wise old bunny...

I keep seeing this bunny every Monday at the church for handbells.... I think he looks like a wise old bunny instead of one of those wide eyed young ones!

Day 308 (Sunday, June 5th) ~ Steve is tired of moving...

We're still in the process of getting sttled and Steve was so tired that he let Ricky pile stuff on top of him without even opening his eyes!

Day 307 (Saturday, June 4th) ~ David Graduate's High School!

My youngest brother, he's 17, had his graduation ceremony today.  I have been feeling sick since last night, but I was so proud of him that the rush of emotions was enough to get me through the ceremony without even thinking about it.  Yay, Dave!

Me and Ashley... I graduated the same place in 2004, her sister graduated in 2006, and she'll graduate from here next year!

David and Jakki graduated together!

Day 306 (Friday, June 3rd) ~ Painting the Roses Red....

Our living room is Wine Red... and Suzanne and I couldn't stop singing "we're painting the Roses Red" from Alice in Wonderland all night!  By now, we're tired of painting... so for now it will remain unfinished until we can stand it again!

Day 305 (Thursday, June 2nd) ~ To do list...

Give Sofia the night gown I found her almost a year ago now...


Put the dispenser thingy that grandma bought me for the bath tub over two years ago now...

Buy an ironing board, now that we have space for it, to go with the iron we were given almost two years ago now AND put a dresser in my closet...


Day 304 (Wednesady, June 1st) ~ Catalina Coast...

Today was a very "blue" day... I took Kateri in her little pool... she calls it "the water".  Then in the evening, Anna, Ricky, Charlie and Suzanne came over to help start painting our bedroom!  Catalina Coast is the color! It's my first painted room since I was very little!

Day 303 (Tuesday, May 31st) ~ All that's left....

Today was our last day to clean and get out of the old apartment!

Kateri had worked so hard helping that she got tired and the only place out of our way of cleaning was our coat closet... she loves my Winchester bear!

Day 302 (Monday, May 30th) ~ Strawberry Jam Day

We were in the straberry patch at 9:00 this morning to pick for our annual supply of strawberry jam!  Then it was back home for hours of slicing, mixing and canning!  If you don't pick or help, you don't get any... which is fine with us, more for us :)

The most beautiful jam we think we ever have seen!

Day 301 (Sunday, May 29th) ~ 12 hours of priming....

.... and we refused to give up til it was all done, which was at 2:30 in the morning!

The "death trap" which we became very good friends with as it was moved from wallto wall around the whole apartment to reach up high!