Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 365 (Monday, August 1st) ~ Tribute to the one who made this all possible!

As I type the final post of this 365 day photo blog ( just a little overdue as you can see by the date ;) I blame it on baby just so you know!), I thought it only fitting to make sure to give credit to the camera responsible for a years worth of daily pictures!

It probably did more work than I did this year!  But I certainly couldn't have done it without it ;)
And on that note... I bid this blog a fond farewell!

 Jessica Ashley <3

Day 364 (Sunday, July 31st) ~ Hello Moshi!

Wrapping up a year of birthdays, we come to my mom's :)  This is her present, Moshi... it's a voice activated alarm clock!  You say "hello Moshi" and then it responds and you can give it commands and everything, its quite entertaining!

Day 363 (Saturday, July 30th) ~ Baby book :)

I couldn't sleep at all early this morning so I came out to the couch which is ofetn more comfortable than the bed.  After being there for a while I noticed something on the coffee table that was't usually there.  It was a pregnancy book from Nate's parents!  Mercie had brought it home with her late last night.  I skimmed through the first weeks until I got to where I am now, which is in the 11th week, and then was able to fall asleep :)

Day 362 (Friday, July 29th) ~ Kitties in the window...

Steve and Ramona both love sitting in the window but rarely at the same time, so I made sure to take the opportunity to get a pictureof them together!

Day 361 (Thursday, July 28th) ~ Confused Spider....

I got home early from work today, and out on the balcony in the light of day was this spider intently building a web!  I watched for a long time wondering why on earth it was not doing that at night!

Day 360 (Wednesday, July 27th) ~ Act like a kid morning!

I was getting cereal before work when I realized that the box said there was a toy inside.  Mind you I've had this cereal for two weeks now and never noticed.  I immediately started acting like a little kid digging through the box to find it :)

Day 359 (Tuesday, July 26th) ~ New abilities...

Kateri just keeps getting smarter every day... today I found her lining up her toys saying "this one, then this one, and this one"  It's really fun to watch her grasp concepts like that!