Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 272 ~ New Apartment Picnic...

I love helping friends on moving day... its like being part of moving from one chapter of a life to another.  So I offered to help Erin and Justin move today.  They used to live in an apartment over the garage of the house next door to my inlaws.  I've been friends with Erin since we worked at Food Lion together.  When we were done for the day, we had a picnic in the new, yet to be unpacked and arranged, living room for dinner :) Tiring day after the events of the day before, but very fun!

Day 271 (Friday April, 29th) ~ Royally Friday

I rolled in the start of the weekend, yes I start my weekends on Fridays because the second Veronica pulls in the driveway all I can see is sleeping in in the morning and it feels awesome, by sleeping on the couch and getting up at...

That's right, 4:00 A.M. to watch....

The Royal Wedding.... At first I definitely wasn't going to.  And then yesterday I remembered how much I am thrilled by British history and knew I would regret it if I didn't get up and watch it live.  So I did, and it was entirely worth it!  I also figured that I slept in the chair at my parents dozing in and out of Princess Diana's funeral and Mother Theresa's funer and several other European events before the sun comes up here, so why not this?  This is my generations history and I'm so glad I didn't miss it.  And yes I took pictures off the screen as if I was there!
The first public kiss on the balcony of the palace as a married couple.

The whole family.... The queen wore yellow, if it's possible to be excited that early in the morning, I was!

Then in the evening, I was rather exhausted by this point but still going strong, Suzanne and I got all dressed up to go to her St. Peter the Rock school spring formal! 

This picture is special to me because present are two dresses that have graced formals before this.  Suzanne is wearing a dress I wore to a Cornerstone prom in 2005 I think... and her friend Mary to her left is wearing my very first prom dress that I wore in 2004 the year I graduated high school!

Patricia Basil, Anne Basil, Theresa Lademan, and me
The four of us are St. Peter Alumni :)  It's hard to believe it was almost ten years ago that I was a student there! It literally only seems like yesterday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 270 ~ A typwriter kind of day...

Today was all out of whack because it stormed all morning,or threatened to before actually doing it. So all the kids were fidgety and I was watching the weather because many of our surrounding counties had tornado warnings and I wanted to keep an eye out just in case.  Lucas found a typewriter and so the boys had something to keep them occupied for a while messing around with it!

But by the afternoon everything cleared up and it was a pretty end to the day... Joel spent his time outside bringing me every type of flower he could find in their yard!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 269 ~ One little cloud...

Today the weather started getting ver dreary and stormy... I left the gym earlier than usual to beat a storm home.  On the way the entire sky was dark except for this one little patch.... I like it when that happens!

Day 268 (Tuesday, April 26th) ~ A little birdie....

Not too much happened today.  Kateri and I went back over to Mandy and John's so she could take the boys to Fort McHenry without Sofia and Ivan under foot.  When we got back to Kateri's house there was a package on the doorstep and these two cute little birds we pecking and crumbs or something on the door mat!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 267 ~ "the day after Easter" Monday :)

The day after Easter is usually one of my favorite days because it means sandwiches made with the left over ham from Easter dinner :)

Today was also a sweet day because I used Ivan to wake up Sofia :)  She slept later than Kateri by a lot and I thought aftera time that I should waker her up so I told Ivan we were going to go do that.... I layed him on top of her and she opened her eyes and started laughing and so he started smiling, then they layed here like this for a while, she's such a good big sister :)

Day 266 (Sunday, April 24th) ~ Easter!

Pictures from playing handbells in the morning!

 Ben and his girlfriend, Melina who is also in the picture above me me and Anna!

The girls :) Suzanne, Grandma, Mom and me!

My grandparent's bumblebee friend, also known by me as Bumblepillars!

Day 265 (Saturday, April 23rd) ~ EGGS!!!!

Day 2 of Easter preparation.  Step one: Help mom and grandmother prepare food for Easter dinner. Step two: hit the gym for last minute looking awesome for our dresses.  Step three: make eggs for  deviled eggs.  Step 4: Attend Easter vigil at church. Step 5: dye Easter eggs and eat ice cream!  Summary:  Lot's of EGGS!!!

The annual "ugly egg" for my pop-pop.... they used to get REALLY ugly when we were younger, but now we seem to think even the ugliest is pretty, so Suzanne and I made a glitter face on him and wrote ugly on it to make up for its not so ugliness.

Other summary:  Suzanne and I officially retire from all things egg related.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 264 ~ Easter Eyebrows and Dress shopping...

Day 1 of Easter preparation began with getting our eyebrows done and shopping for the perfect Easter dress.  You will have to wait till Sunday's post to see said perfect Easter dresses, but we found them!  I've been going to Nail Triz to get pedicures and eyebrows done since years ago when my friend Anne and I started our eyebrows/chick fil a tradition.  Now Suzanne and I go since she's started getting hers done.  It's been ages since I went and when I walked around the corner of the mall and saw this....

... an empty store, I panicked because I thought they had closed for good.

Little did I know, I was standing right in front of a newer bigger version of it!  They had just moved a few spaces down and upgraded and I had missed it when we passed it because getting to the old space was auto pilot and they had moved since I had been there last!

Day 263 (Thursday, April 21st) ~ Weekday Wardrobe

This is what the front seat of my car looks like after most of the week of going to the gym after work!  Just about a month in, I'm now starting to notice some awesome differences in the way I feel :) Usually the passenger seat holds most of my "work" clothes and shoes from the week since I change into gym clothes and stay in them til I get home.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 262 ~ Picking Dandelions!

Today was a gorgeous day, so Suzanne and I took Kateri over to the field accross from my family's house to pick dandelions :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 261 ~ New Movies!

These two movies just came out on DVD today.... and I wasn't expecting to get them in the mail, though I had put them on the top of my netflix list weeks ago!  So it was a nice surprise to be able to watch them both tonight!

The King's Speech was one of the most excellent movies I've seen in a long time... I was glued to the TV screen almost instantly!  When I get the chance, I'm definitely going to buy it for myself.

And this is a random picture of my dad with Fishes being.... well, fish like... or so we like to say!

Day 260 (Monday April 18th) ~ Dizzy much?

Today, Suzanne and Paul and Joel somehow decided it was a lot of fun to spin non stop on the island stools in the kitchen!

This is one of my favorites because it shows the action, and because of Suzanne's face!

This one shows the mai event that had us laughing so hard, Paul was running the chair around spinning her and Joel was just like "yeah ok, I'm gonna go over here now where it's safe!"

And of course a stop for Candy.... or did they actually stop??

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 259 ~ Call to Celebration...

Today was Palm Sunday.  We've been working on the piece in handbells for months (it was a festival piece) and finally played it in church today.  I have to admit, I love the song because it's challenging and it takes a lot to get good at it, but I won't be disappointed to never see it again one day :)  But we did awesome this morning at performing it and got palms so no complaints here!

My permanent bells... since these are different from the bells I first played and took a picture of for the blog!

The first page turn... looks more complicated than it is, but we either nailed it or completely destroyed it every time we went through the piece! I like it :)

Day 258 (Saturday, April 16th) ~ Nate's favorite thing!

Or not!  He HATES it when these little flowers from the trees get all over his car, and usually he parks on the other side to avoid them, but I guess he forgot and then it rained!  I pretty much stayed in bed all day today but then around 3 O'clock felt too lazy and decided to go to the gym and the skies decided to open up while I was there because it was pouring and so windy when I got out!

Day 257 (Friday, April 15th) ~ On sale already?

I went to Food Lion to pick up some milk and came out with these as well.  I got to thinking it was weird that it's not even Easter yet and there candy for it is on crzay sale AND they had 4th of July picnic type bowls and cups etc on sale.  Very strange.... but seeing as 4th of July is my all time favorite holiday and I need more plastic bowl for my ceareal and I was in a bad mood, I made out pretty good I think :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 256 ~ A Day of random Success!

The youngest kids all playing nicely *together*, that's the important part, is that it was together since often Kater gets a little left out from the sibling friendships!

Kateri and Sofia took a 3 hour nap.... again the important part here is together :)  I knew I could get this to work!

And for the first time ever, ladies and gentlemen.... I ordered my Chick Fil A usual with *no* pickles!  I used to have to get it regular and pick the pickles off, and even when I knew it was a waste if no one was there to take my pickles (Nate does, Suzanne does not) I still refuse to buck my system!  But Suzanne and I went today and I felt it was time to make the transition!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 255 ~ This cat makes my top 5 favorite cats!

This is tank,,,, well his official name is Spike but his owners say they often call him Tank and I like that better!  I subbed for someone's babysitting job this week and I couldn't stop petting him!  He's 14 years old and so awesome!  And I especially like him because he's like a mix of my 4 other favorite cats, not even kidding :)