Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 249 ~ Happy Birthday Kateri!

It still feels like just yesterday that she was just walking and I bought her the princess bouncy ball and she could barely kick it but loved trying!  Now she runs all over the place and is talking and gets amazingly smarter every day, and can even put her little hair in a cute little sticking up pony tail now!  We had Mandy and John's today as per usual Thursday... the boys (Lucas and Paul) and I made her a cake and a birthday crown and had a mini party!

 The birthday girl with Paul on the left and Lucas on the right!

Suzanne would be so proud of this cake!

I had left over bubbles from Lauren and Joe's wedding and she was at my apartment once and was thrilled by them... so I knew what this year's present would be!  She was so insistant that I blow her bubbles all afternoon and was excited to show her mom her present when we got back... only to insist that she keep the bubbles coming!!

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