Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 265 (Saturday, April 23rd) ~ EGGS!!!!

Day 2 of Easter preparation.  Step one: Help mom and grandmother prepare food for Easter dinner. Step two: hit the gym for last minute looking awesome for our dresses.  Step three: make eggs for  deviled eggs.  Step 4: Attend Easter vigil at church. Step 5: dye Easter eggs and eat ice cream!  Summary:  Lot's of EGGS!!!

The annual "ugly egg" for my pop-pop.... they used to get REALLY ugly when we were younger, but now we seem to think even the ugliest is pretty, so Suzanne and I made a glitter face on him and wrote ugly on it to make up for its not so ugliness.

Other summary:  Suzanne and I officially retire from all things egg related.

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