Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm excited about tomorrow :)  Hannah, a new friend of mine, and I decided to take on a project together to give us something to do with ourselves and not think about things so much!  We also have a bunch of other ladies that we know doing it as well!  This is just to let anyone know who isn't part of that group, what this blog is about... ya know just in case any of my friends (ahem, Lyndsay!!) decide to follow my craziness.  Anyone who is in that group. you all know why we're here lol  So a picture a day for 365 days!  That's a lot of pictures but I already have some pretty awesome ideas!  My husband just provided me with my first picture which will be posted sometime tomorrow.  I already had an idea before that, but his is better, so I will save that one for another day soon :) 

Until tomorrow...