Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 244 ~ sales of yards and markets of fleas....

Yesterday I noticed signs for a yard sale at the end of my parent's street and for our local elementary school's anual flea market :)  I thought to myself that I hadn't had anything good to do on a saturday in a while, nor could I rmember the last time I had been to a yard sale, so I decided I would go!  I am so glad I did!

The yard sale was small.... but.... that is where I found Grey's Anatomy, the first season on DVD, for only $1. The discs looked to be in good condition, so I was shocked when I asked how much and she said a dollar.... yesterday was also budget day so I was happy to hand over a dollar from my new stash of spending money for the month!  So excited!  And then at the flea market, I found this adorable little tweetie blanket for only 50 cents, couldn't resist :)  Suzanne found a little pink stingray and named her Stella!  Good day!

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