Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 271 (Friday April, 29th) ~ Royally Friday

I rolled in the start of the weekend, yes I start my weekends on Fridays because the second Veronica pulls in the driveway all I can see is sleeping in in the morning and it feels awesome, by sleeping on the couch and getting up at...

That's right, 4:00 A.M. to watch....

The Royal Wedding.... At first I definitely wasn't going to.  And then yesterday I remembered how much I am thrilled by British history and knew I would regret it if I didn't get up and watch it live.  So I did, and it was entirely worth it!  I also figured that I slept in the chair at my parents dozing in and out of Princess Diana's funeral and Mother Theresa's funer and several other European events before the sun comes up here, so why not this?  This is my generations history and I'm so glad I didn't miss it.  And yes I took pictures off the screen as if I was there!
The first public kiss on the balcony of the palace as a married couple.

The whole family.... The queen wore yellow, if it's possible to be excited that early in the morning, I was!

Then in the evening, I was rather exhausted by this point but still going strong, Suzanne and I got all dressed up to go to her St. Peter the Rock school spring formal! 

This picture is special to me because present are two dresses that have graced formals before this.  Suzanne is wearing a dress I wore to a Cornerstone prom in 2005 I think... and her friend Mary to her left is wearing my very first prom dress that I wore in 2004 the year I graduated high school!

Patricia Basil, Anne Basil, Theresa Lademan, and me
The four of us are St. Peter Alumni :)  It's hard to believe it was almost ten years ago that I was a student there! It literally only seems like yesterday!

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