Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 256 ~ A Day of random Success!

The youngest kids all playing nicely *together*, that's the important part, is that it was together since often Kater gets a little left out from the sibling friendships!

Kateri and Sofia took a 3 hour nap.... again the important part here is together :)  I knew I could get this to work!

And for the first time ever, ladies and gentlemen.... I ordered my Chick Fil A usual with *no* pickles!  I used to have to get it regular and pick the pickles off, and even when I knew it was a waste if no one was there to take my pickles (Nate does, Suzanne does not) I still refuse to buck my system!  But Suzanne and I went today and I felt it was time to make the transition!

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