Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 264 ~ Easter Eyebrows and Dress shopping...

Day 1 of Easter preparation began with getting our eyebrows done and shopping for the perfect Easter dress.  You will have to wait till Sunday's post to see said perfect Easter dresses, but we found them!  I've been going to Nail Triz to get pedicures and eyebrows done since years ago when my friend Anne and I started our eyebrows/chick fil a tradition.  Now Suzanne and I go since she's started getting hers done.  It's been ages since I went and when I walked around the corner of the mall and saw this....

... an empty store, I panicked because I thought they had closed for good.

Little did I know, I was standing right in front of a newer bigger version of it!  They had just moved a few spaces down and upgraded and I had missed it when we passed it because getting to the old space was auto pilot and they had moved since I had been there last!

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