Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 5 ~ Only Sofia....

Could manage to get my flip flops on properly but on the wrong feet lol  I nanny for a family of 4 on Monday's and Thursdays, so today I was with all the kids.  I'm sitting down for a few minutes to read a few pages of a book and suddenly I hear "ga-ga!!!  Il-lops!"  I look down over my book and two year old Sofia is standing there so proud of herself showing me how she's wearing my flip flops!  At first I thought how cute that she got them on the with them in between the correct toes, and then I had to laugh when I noticed they were on the wrong feet :)  Two year old little girls somehow get "ga-ga" out of my name by the way!  I guess it's the Jess-i-CA part that they catch onto... I never get tired of hearing it though!

This is the face that belongs to those feet.... aren't her eyes big? :)


  1. how cute is she!

    funny story.. I kicked my shoes off when I was sitting at my desk today at work, and I went to slip them on (they were flats) and ran to catch up to a co-worker who invited me outside with her and something didn't feel right - I put them on the wrong effing feet! haha..

    wasn't so cute on a grown woman ;)

  2. my step daugher called me 'ca-ca' for the longest time, i guess that's all she caught out of erica too! she also likes to wear both mine and my hubby's flip flops around the house lol