Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 29 ~ Clothes and Hermits!

Today's theme was your favorite article of clothing and I kind of wanted to do it, but I also wanted to introduce my crabbies :)  So I shall do both!

The checkered dress in the middle is what we call my "Housewife" dress :)  I feel all wifey like in it! The gray shirt is my best friend in the winter... I wear it if I'm in a bad mood or just can't find anything better to wear, makes me feel better!  And my Applebees t-shirt, I wear it to sleep, my dad has worked at Applebees for many years now and he brought one home for me and my sister a few years ago!  I adopted it as my favorite sleep shirt!  I like a lot of my clothes but I think these are my favorites!

Now, to introduce the newest memebers of our family!

This is Shelby!  We think she will change shells soon and she seems bigger than the other and I'm a little scared of her still, but when we get them something bigger to live in I think I will try to get more used to her!

And this is Sylvia!  I like her :)  I took a leap of faith today and let her walk from hand to hand!  I kept chanting "I must be brave, please don't pinch me!" lol She was so fast!
Hermit crabs are apparently nocturnal so she has been climbing the cage all night!  I actually know for a fact that Sylvia is a girl because I looked up online how to tell and when she climbs the cage I can see she is a lady!  I haven't been able to tell with Shelby though!

They seem to be adjusting well and so far the cats don't know they are there, yay!  What have I gotten myself into!!!!

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