Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 13 (Friday August 13th 2010) ~ Portage Pennsylvania

This past weekend, family way back in my mom's side had their family reunion.  We stayed at the Elk lodge, technically called the Majestic retreat and lodge, but there are Elk there! Our whole family rented out the pavillion and every room for the weekend... it was so amazing!  These are pictures from Friday!

This was in the car on the 4 hour drive there from Baltimore... my aunt bought me and my sister silly bands and it turned us silly because we now finally own our own instead of just wearing them because kids hand them to us!

The Elk Lodge :)

My sister being a Giant... we were left alone at the lodge, what can we say?

This..... is Earl :)  We named him that because he was in a field all by himself!  It is mating season for the Elk and so the women weren't allowed to go close to the fences or the male elk may charge us!  We loved Earl!  We learned that he is by himself because they consider his antlers special and they don't want him to fight with the other males over the females so that his antlers don't get damaged!  Elk sound really awesome at midnight by the way, when the only other sound you can hear in the chilly night air is the wind!

They also had Bison there... this is George!

And finally this is the pretty view from the lodge!

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