Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 27 ~ Attention please...

On this day, at exactly 23 years and 7 months of age... I finally have achieved a life transition

My very first tissue paper "wrapped" present that was NOT put together by my mommy!!!
Thank you,thank you very much!

My college roommate, Lauren, is having her bridal shower tonight, which I have to get going for... she and Joe are getting married in a month!

Normally when it comes to tissue paper and gift bags I totally suck at it and I go running to my mom for help... this time, I knew I had to be a big girl and jump and fly out of the nest on my own!  Well, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it! 

This is a picture from the shower, which was great!  all of us girls went to Villa Julie College/Stevenson University (changed from VJC to stevenson in 2009) Lauren is the bride-to-be in the middle to the right of me, and to the right of her is Nicole.  Lauren, Nicole and I were all roommates our first year at school :)  The other two ladies are family to Lauren I believe!  I've never met them before tonight but it was fun to take a Villa Julie/ Stevenson girls picture!

Next stop... Lauren and Joe's wedding... just 28 days away!

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