Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4 ~ Just take a picture of the wall then!

I went through the whole day finding nothing inspiring to take a picture of!  I went over my parents to give them a key so that they could come over and visit Steve so he won't be alone tomorrow while I'm at work.  I tell my sister that I took about a half a dozen pictures but none that I liked to put up.  So she says "Well then take a picture of the wall why don't ya?"  And so I did!  I had thought I just wouldn't put anything up, but I knew I had to... so I went in the kitchen and took this picture!  This is a dress that was given to my mom for me when I was a baby!  A few weeks ago she brought it out of the basement when we were talking about babies and keeping stuff from whenn I was young for them!  I guess she hung it here on the basement door and so there it was, my inspiring picture :)

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