Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 14 (Saturday August 14th 2010) ~ The Pinos Family Reunion

That beautiful, spunky old lady in white, in the middle front row... she was the reason for this whole reunion.  That is Aunt Marge!  My great grandfather, Steven Pinos, was one of 11 children.  I never knew him, but I knew my great grandmotehr, Agnes Pinos, very well until she passed away when I was 16.  Aunt Marge is the sole surviving sibling of the 11!  I loved meeting her!  Surrounding her are the 1st cousins... the surviving children of the 11.  The two in black, in the back row, are my grandmother and her twin sister, my aunt. And to the left of them is their other sister (my other aunt)  I have so many other pictures from the day, but I thought this picture captured it effortlessly!

After the reunion, we spent a few hours at the Portage Fest...  the big deal twon fair they have their every year!  The population of Portage is just short of 3,000 people!  My grandmother recalls going to this every year as a little girl with her mother, who was born and raised in Portage before moving to Baltimore at the young age of 17 after having lost her mother.

It may look a little different now then it did back then, but this was the house that my great grandmother was born in! She was raised in the house accross the street that her father built!  If anyone had let me, I probably would have sat there with those sunflowers for hours just imagining her life!

And this is me and my sister with Earl WAY WAY in the back ground in between us... we know he's there by zoom, but you cant really see him!  This is the moment before we left the Elk Lodge and a weekend full of memories!

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