Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 9 ~ Honor Flights

This is Nate's grandfather, Delbert!  I have only met him once, three years ago, until this week!  He served in WWII - ETO Battle of the Bulge AA against V1.
That's what his badge said, and I had to copy it into a text so I would remember it LOL
Anyways, the past two days were one of the "Honor Flights" to see the D.C memorials... specifically the WWII one!  Nate's grandparents live in Spokane, Washington and this flight was flying veterans from Washington state right here into our hometown!  We had desert with him last night when he got in, and then they went to all the memorials today and tonight was a special dinner in honor of all the veterans on the flight andhe of course invited us, his family to come along!  It was such a blessing that they fly them into BWI, have them stay at our local hotel here in Linthicum and so he was able to see his family!  Nate's mom is the youngest out of his TEN children, and everyone but her live on the West coast still!  He is in his 80's and still rides his bike 20 miles a day!!!  He is the cutest man I have ever met!  This picture was of him and Nate right after they were all presented with medals of honor!
Something interesting about the night... Nate, myself and his sister Mercie were the youngest ones there :)  And it was only because out of all the flight veterans, their grandfather was the only one flown into where family already lived!  I just thought it was really amazing how that just happened to work out!  Oh and if you ask him, his contribution to the war was hardly anything at all!  Oh but it was!

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