Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 22 ~ To Furnish a Lifetime

Todays theme is "our favorite piece of furniture"  I will admit to having caved to follow the theme more often than I had originally planned.  The first week was easy because everything seemed exciting and creative.  Now, it's all become routine so pictures are harder to come by... I am thankful to have the theme to fall back on and this one I just happened to have my three favorite pieces of furniture all withing one camera angle :)

From Left to Right: My little gold stand, my folding chair, and my dresser set!

The little gold stand, my dad found it for me when I was little and I somehow latched onto it!  It has gone with me to every room I've ever had and had many purposes.  A bed stand, a fish tank stand, text books and shoes underneath, a radio stand... and most currently as you can see, where I keep my pants! The box underneath has the dried flowers from day 1's picture in it :)  I'm sure I will keep it forever!

Seemingly pointless folding chair, historically the chair I would sit in to talk on the phone throughout those years when my mom had to limit my phone time because I was always on it!  I would sit in the chair and put my feet up on my dresser, and it was the only place I ever felt comfortable talking.  Since my wild phone days are long gone, it has served many other purposes as well.  A desk chair during college, a place to keep my clothes draped over the back until i felt like hanging them, our first dining room table chair until we got official ones from my parents, and now serving as one of many claimed cat perches, Ramona conveniently decided to pose on her possession while I was taking the picture!

And finally, the dresser... that dresser is my "long dresser", it has a twin who is the "tall dresser"  They were first my cousin Amy's, then the set (that also has a matching captain's bed which my sister is now usuing) went to me.  I love these dressers so much, the long one with it's mirror and little cabinet that has since lost its latch and is being held together with a ribbon... and the tall one with it's "random/sentimental" drawers in which I keep, yep you got it, random and sentimental things in!

I hope these things last a very very long time in my life!

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