Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 26 ~ OMG I'm Flying!!!

May I be the first to admit that I have fallen upon a day where I need to cheat and put up a picture that I *did not* actually take today! Which is going against the vow of this self project, but I had an exhaustingly busy day with the kids, plus I didn't know the theme (darn it if I had because Lucas was jumping of the roof of the shed today, the dare devil of a 7 year old that he is and it would have been good for the theme if I hadn't stopped him before he broke something!)  And then we went straight from work to a very lovely dinner at a couple's house who has a one year old that I am going to be taking some babysitting days for coming up soon!  Annyways, so thus, I cheat.
The theme for today was someone jumping in the air.... while my picture may not be of someone jumping, I think it comes in for a pretty funny alternative!  Brought to you by the issues of Jessica and Suzanne and having been left alone at the Elk Lodge for too long... we present our "OMG I'm flying" drawing!

Nothing was said for about a half hour, only lots of laughing, during this nonsensical written conversation and eventual drawing!  And while I was trying to think of a picture I could put up that was really good but didn't make the cut for a certain day, I just had to use this one!

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