Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 3 ~ STEVE!!!!! HELPING!!!!

Meet Steve... well, Mogu (mushroom in Chinese) but the concensus is still that him name is Steve.  This is Steve's story!  So I was walking out of our apartment complex to go get a movie from my parents.  We live on the third floor and the balcony of the second floor apartment is right outside the door of the bulding.  A siamese cat live there and when I went out last night the siamese cat was flipping out about something!  I was like "dude chill whats you're major malfunction!"
I looked down when I saw movement, and there was this kitten!  I sat down and put my purse down and he was in my lap within seconds, purring his little face off :)  Since I was already in motion to my parents I took him with me.  I didn't know that he was a boy at the time, so on my way over I was calling him Stella hoping it would be a girl.  My mom said when I got there "I think he's a Steve!"

So Steve stayed with my family for the night. 

This is Steve meeting Kateri... she is the little one that I nanny for.  Steve is so sweet and mushy and purry!

My dad threw a beanie baby at Steve, he was totally spazing out at it :)

Last but not least, Steve is special.  Steve is a Polydactyl cat.  That means that instead of 4 big toes and a little one further up his paw, his little one is regular sized and split in two.  So Steve has 6 toes on each hand :)  Here he is reacting to me telling him not to scratch the chair lol

I do not know if we will end up keeping Steve, or if that will stay his name. I love the word Mogu and Nate wants to name him after a food so that is the compromise that we came up with if he stays with us.  But my family does not like it and it is really hard not to call him Steve.  Mostly because of Steve in "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" if you have not seen that movie, you very much should! It would also help you understand why that is a good name for a pesky little kitten and why I titled this blog entry the way I did :) And he's also named after Steve the Wraith in Stargate Atlantis, because John Shepphard is like "I think I will call you Steve!" when he's looking at one of the Wraith they capture. Yes I'm a scifi addict I admit it lol.  I will be putting up some flyers though to see if anyone is looking for him!  He's too friendly to not belong to someone :/ 

Steve has currently taken over Nate's computer chair and Ramona is kinda mad at us lol  I hope she gets over it or he will have to go live with my family.  They also have two cats but they are all boys and might get along better!  Ramona is mostly mad that Steve made it into the blog before she did! ;)


  1. What a cute kitty! I like the name Steve if only because of the story behind his arrival into your lives. Whether you find his original family or you make him yours, I'm happy to hear that he has a safe and loving place to call home.