Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 7 ~ "And whiskers on kittens"

Well today was totally boring as far as pictures go!  But I guess that's what happens when it's Saturday and you don't have work, your husband gets stuck at work literally ALL day, and your whole family is at a baseball game!  I just had this very very random thought that I wish I could mail my brother my camera at camp and tell him to take me an awesome picture and mail it back for my photo blog!  But i wouldn't trust my camera in th email even if it was a super sealed up box!  So random!  I'm so tired LOL  Anyways.... so I didn't get much action today to take pictures with.  But I have a few to put up to keep up with the days and because I didn't get anything else, I went with the theme! Oh and that's animals by the way!

This is one of Steve's new favorite places to be!

This is Fishes! Well his name is officially Ruffy, which branched into Puffy, then Pufelump, the Puffer Fish, which ended in the name I call him most, FISHES!  He is my family's Maine Coon and my favorite cat second only to Ramona.  When we moved into our apartment, I put this picture here on the corner of my dresser intending to hang it up on the wall, but I never did!  that was over a year ago now and the only time I move it is to dust! But it's probably my favorite "decoration" in the whole place!

Ramona!  She is finally coming around to being out and about with Steve here :)  I love my pretty kitty!

But she still has to look bent out of shape about it now and then just to let us know she still isn't pleased!

   And what the heck kind of animal is this supposed to be???