Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 1 ~ Nate's Pretty Flower

Nate brought me home flowers last night from work :)  But it's so much more than just flowers to me.  When we were dating, it had only been a few months, he was getting flowers and they were yellow roses.  The cashiers teased him and said "you can't give those to her, yellow means friendship"
Well... he bought them anyway and they came in the exact vase that's in this picture.  When he gave them to me he said "They tried to talk me out of it, but if yellow means friendship then that's all the more reason I should give them to you, because you're my best friend"
Ever since then, he brings me home roses every now and then and I always put them in this vase on my dresser and usually when he gives them to me he says "Flowers for my pretty flower".  I let them dry out and save them and always take pictures of them like this.  I have a whole dried roses collection on my bookshelf!  This is the first time in a while he has brought me yellow roses, they've been red the past few times!  But yellow is my favorite color, even our boquets for the wedding were yellow roses and if you look close they aren't ordinary... they look like a mix between roses and carnations!  They are beautiful and when he walked in the door I knew this would be my day one!


  1. Such a sweet story!

  2. great story behind a great picture!

  3. aw, that is sooo sweet!

    jealous! lol.

    Chris has given me flowers ONCE in our entire relationship. He sucks! hahaha.