Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 92 ~ Daytona Beach (Sunday October 31st, day 2)

I don't normally put up pictures just of me but I really liked this one :)

I loved Daytona Beach!  Comparison to Maryland beaches:  the water was warm with in a few minutes and did not beat you up, you were walking on sand instead of rocks in the water... and the sand on the beach was sooo soft!

And since it was Halloween...

After we were finished at the beach, the tide was coming in pretty high at that point... we went to see a movie as we usually do on our trips...

Ugh I hate that I cant put an up and down picture on here without Nate's help, and so I'm putting it sideways so I don't need his help :)  we saw Life as we Know It... it was really good, very funny, plus since we were seeing a movie anyways we used it to get six dollars off our parking cost for the day as was advertised!

This came our blurry on our way out but I decided I liked it anyway!

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