Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 122 ~ Something old something new...

Lyndsay and I went to Chuck E. Cheese again (yep, last I checked I'm still 23, don't judge!)  and this time we actually got pizza!  It smelled so tempting last time but we didn't get it and have been craving it since... so we got it tonight... thats's my something old since I haven't gotten it in years! Definitely ranks in my top 5 pizzas ever!

And for my something new...

Just before going to meet Lyndsay... I stopped in to the new Dick's Sporting Goods store we have right next door to Chuck E. Cheese to see if I could find myself some new shoes since I didn't want to go barefoot on Exceed again!  I was about to walk out empty handed when I caught these out of the corner of my eye :)  I love them mostly because they arent from a lost and found (though my pair from the Chi-Chis lost and found 6 years ago I'm pretty sure I will keep forever) and they arent crappy old from the thrift store! 

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