Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 119 ~ With the Band...

I went with my brother, David, and my sister Suzanne tonight to a dance hosted by their Venture Crew... Suzanne and I love dancing <3  Our other brother, Andrew and his band were also going to be playing there and since I hadn't heard them play live yet, I was really excited to go!  His band was really good!!!  My friend Lyndsay's brother, Carlton is in the band as well and their cousin, Olivia came with him.  We three girls had so much fun dancing like crazy all night!  These are some pictures from the night!

This is the band "Chasing Bliss" and those of us who were "with the band"  Josh is on the left end, he's their third band member... my brother David, Olivia, me, Suzanne, Andrew's girlfriend Stephanie, then Andrew and Carlton!

The Girls... Me, Olivia, and Suzanne <3

And then check this out... a rare photo of the four of us :)  I'm not sure why we don't line up the other way from oldest to youngest, but this seems to be how we do it when it happens... Me, Andrew, Dave, and Suzanne!  I actually kinda like those boys ;)  More so, I like the four of us together and I'm really happy we all went out to support Andrew and that the trhee of us who were not in the band had a good time together tonight!

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