Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 107 ~ A Hermit Crab Miracle!!!

Ok so the story goes like this!

Harrold the hermit crab (see Day 16 for reference) once belonged to the kids that I nanny for two days a week. I named him Harrold and loved him as my own... every morning I would come in and he would be hanging on the cage and I would say "Hi Harrold" and he would say nothing but continue to hang on the cage!  Well... sadly, after they got back from vacation a few months ago, the cage was gone and I found it in a cabinet so I devastatingly thought Harrold had died!  I was sad for a very long time but had gotten my own hermit crabs in the mean time so I was able to move on.

Flash forward to today...  I get there, and I walk in to the living room... and there is the cage.  Surprised and thinking perhaps they got a new crab I walk over and look in.  There is Harrold's shell and I was sad again... so I keep looking for a second and as I pull away, I see movement IN his shell!

Harrold is ALIVE!!!! I almost had a heart attack and cried because I was so happy to see him but was so confused as to how he got there... well apparently he had gone missing and they thought that perhaps their two year old had taken him out and lost him.  Come to find out... she put him in a planter flower pot!  And that must have been enough for him!  We petitioned the oldest boy (the technical owner of the crab) to let him come home with me to live with Shelby and Sylvia... he is very happy here and is walking around any everything!  It all just makes me feel better about my crabs, that if this one can survive for three months in a flowerpot, mine must be livin the good life!

Here is my happy crabby family :)  From left to right: Harrold, Sylvia and Shelby (who used to be in the yellow shell, but changed a few days after we got them)

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