Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 97 ~ Failure to Launch (Friday November 5th, Day 7)

After driving the two hours back to Orlando Friday morning, we make it to the tour bus location, and finally to Kennedy Space Center!  We go in the swamped gift store and start buying t-shirts and all sorts of souveniers and stand in line for a looong time.... only to hear....

Knowing we had to go home the next day whether they tried for the launch on Saturday or not, we had a day of trying to hide our depression!  We already feel better about not getting to see it happen now that we're home!  The final delay was because that morning they found a leak in the Hydrogen tank... then after further investigation they found there was a huge crack to go with the leak.  So they will try again the end of this month. It was a risk that came with the trip, but we never imagined that in a whole week it wouldn't go up!  But at least we were there when it tried, a week's worth of times!  This is how we remedied our day before heading back to my Uncle's for our last night in Florida:

I felt almost instantly better after our waitress at Johnny Rockets made our ketchup smiley faces!  And after I took this awesome picture of my best friend Palm Trees :)
 Sideways again, but still awesome!

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