Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 106 ~ Color relapse...

After almost 3 years of being "hair dye sober" as I like to call it.... I relapsed today, just so I could try this stuff:

Consumer review.... not worth the 9 dollars!  Personal review... is happy with never dying her hair again!  At least now I know that I was right to ignore the urge to do it every now and then over the last three years!  The last time I dyed my hair was January 2008, and it was black, not the greatest choice and so I made a pact with myself to not dye my hair again.  I will be going back to that!  This stuff was golden brown and it hardly changed my hair that much... it might be a little more evenly light, but I don't look at it and think difference.  This particular brand claims to be new and better/easier to use than the liquid dyes, but I actually found it to be worse... it got everywhere and the smell is still stuck in my nose! But hey, it was a character building experience!

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