Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 109 ~ See that tree there??

Yesterday it had half it's leaves still on... and oh how brilliant yellow they were... breath taking! Then along comes a storm during the dark hours of the night, that I somehow once in my life, missed, and it takes away all the pretty leaves.  Yet somehow, the sight was still beautiful this morning! 

Normally I am the one to ask "did you hear that storm last night?"  But I must have been way out because Brad (Kateri's dad) was the one to tell me about it when I got to work!  Funny thing is, I dreamed about it without knowing it was actually happening.  I woke up from a long difficult dream that we were being evacuated from a big city as a wicked storm was coming in from the water blowing everything away and watching the power go out street by street as it came towards us.  When Nate woke me up to say goodbye, we noticed that the clock was reset but had no idea until I got up later that it's because the power did actually go out last night!  I told him before he left I didn't want to go back to sleep so that I wouldn't go back into the dream... little did I know it had been based on true events... strange things the mind does!

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