Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 111 ~ Left without a back up theme! So I take a pictureof a box!

Yesterday I was left with no picture to take... I was so very busy, and then no one posted a theme where I get my back up ideas from.  My dad had gone in to the hospital for a heart procedure and so Kateri and I played Kitchen Fairy for my parents and went over and straightened up their house for when they got home.  Before that having cleaned Kateri's kitchen, and after that taking Suzanne to a party AND THEN after that, heading straight over to the Pontzer family's house to do overnight babysitting for them. It was a lot of fun.. and this handy contraption is the godsend to my pancake making sanity for a bunch of hungry kids!  Before the electric griddle = horrible pancakes... with the electric griddle = the most excellent pancakes in the entire world :)

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