Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 113 ~ Launched and Approved!

Suggested to me by someone on a forum, I surprisingly had all the ingrediants that she recommended for these deviled eggs, except I swapped out the kind of mustard she used for the exact same flavor mayonaise (and yes I know I probably spelled that word wrong but how often do you really think I put it into text form!) instead since that's all we had, but hey I'm sure it has the same affect!  I was so excited to try them because of the secret ingrediant in them!  I thought that if they went over well at their debut for today's football Sunday (note the Raven's backgroundyet again!) I could make them for Thanksgiving.  It took all morning of experimenting... but I finally got them made and if I do say so myself they are the best deviled eggs I have ever had in my whole life!  I ate the ones I botched in the proccess that's how good they were!  Well, my family loved them and approved them for the Thanksgiving menu at my Aunt's!  I'm excited because I think I now have something worthy of being my specialty to take to parties! 

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