Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 91 ~ LAND!!!! Day 1 of Florida

We left the appartment last night at exactly 12:05 A.M  Dumb idea?  Maybe, but we made it here to Florida in one pieceand after 16 hours of switching off driving duty and several pit stops....

We finally made it to palm tree land (that's what I'm calling it)  Oh how I love the palm trees!  I want to hook one up to the top of the car like a Christmas tree and bring it home!  We have a gorgeous one right out of our awesome hotel window and I promised my sister I would take a picture!

This was three hours before when I was so excited to see the Florida state line because I knew it meant the promise of wonderful 80 degree weather and only three hours left to be stuck in the car! Makes me want oranges and orange juice seeing all the orange things around here!
Today's high temperature once we hit Florida was 86 degrees! Daytona Beach tomorrow :) Can't wait!

As of today, the shuttle launch has been postponed until Wednesday, it was supposed to be on Monday, so I'm really keeping fingers crossed they take care of whatever is making them push it back and they don't have to postpone it anymore!

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