Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 84 (Saturday October 23rd) ~ Visting and Proof that Bendaroos are so awesome!

This weekend, Nate and I went with my dad, brothers, my brother's girlfriend and my sister to visit my Dad's familyin Virginia Beach!  These pictures are from Saturday since I didn't have access to a computer!

The main rwason for our visit was for my Uncles Danny's 50th birthday, the "Over the Hill" hat was officially passed down from my dad who recieved it last year at my wedding, to my uncle!

The day was especially beautiful.... so we took some pictures out in the yard!  The first is me, Suzanne, our only first cousin Abby (she's my uncle Danny and Aunt Debbie's little girl) and Stephanie, Andrew's girlfriend.  The second is my brother Andrew and Stephanie.

Then these are just two pictures that I thought were nice!

Suzanne was laughing at something and I thoughtshe looked pretty!

I'm a Tilley by name... but still a Rachid by everything else :) This is on the wall at my aunt and uncles house!

Oh and last one I promise... I almost forgot about the Bendaroos!  Abby has them and I was always skeptical of the idea of them... until this! Andyes, they come off the wall perfectly!

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