Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 86 ~ Speak Now! The most epic of all days!

After almost 2 long years of waiting..... it's TODAY!!  It's finally here!  Taylor Swift has done it again... a most excellent 3 album, initiated into my sisters and my collection of most important CDs on this Monday, the 25th day of October in the year 2010.  Even though spoilers were released to i-tunes over the last few weeks, we remained loyal and didn't listen... after work today, we went out and bought our own copy, added the label to my collection of CD labels in my car and listened to every song all the way through, not passing judgement until the last one had finished.  Our verdict: Epic!!! Not one song we don't like!  Well worth the wait!

Funny story:  We went to Walmart... their cardboard thing said it would be available there today, like we knew the release date was.  We couldn't find it!  Anywhwere!  We finally asked and they said the release date was Tuesday and perhaps today was just the "internet" release date.  We knew better!  So Target made our money this time :) I bet our Walmart lost out on a lot of money today from those who were as determined as we were to have it release day, especially considering my friend in Frostburg got hers at her Walmart this morning at 6:30 A.M.!

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