Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 77 ~ walks and wooly bears

Day 77!!!  Just throwing that out there :)  I like the number 7... a lot.... so double sevens make me happy!

Anyways... Nate and I went on another Volks march walk today in Odenton.  His mom and sister weren't feeling well so it was just us two and his dad.  It was beautifully sunny, but very windy so it was quite a challenge! We did a 6k walk today, the first that I did with his family was a 5k.  This was my firt one with Nate so I was excited.  I now have 11k in my walk "passport" book. 

We saw a great deal of wooly bears... so I wanted to take a picture of one since you don't see those all the time!  ^_^

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