Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 207 ~ What happened to early spring??

We had a few really gorgeous days, and then last night it dumped snow on us again!  Since I had left this season's coat in the car, I had to put on last season's to go out to clear off my car.... when I put it on I realized I missed it!  So I decided I will wear it when we come back from FLORIDA!!!  I'm fullfilling my goal as of tomorrow of ditching the cold and snow of winter for the warmer temperatures of the south!  We're packing tonight and leaving in the morning to try again for the shuttle launch that is supposed to be on Thursday!

Last year's coat and suitcases!!!!

Ramona says she wants to go with me :)  And Oklahoma is sitting there because on the way home from buying snacks for the trip, we saw an Oklahoma license plate and Nate started singing the song but said the main part was all he knew and only because I sang it.  Apparently he has never seen the movie or musical before so when we went to drop off the key for my parents to feed our cats, I grabbed my all time favorite version with Mr. Hugh Jackman for us to watch tonight after we're done packing!


  1. Kitty wants to go... Hell I want to go too!!! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! lol :D

  2. LOL I love that place, I would take anyone with me next time ;)