Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 205 ~ Chicken Socks and A Letter from Lyndsay :)

Apparently when my grandfather was in the hospital last week, he off handedly mentioned that both his granddaughters have ice cold feet all the time.... the nurse said she could fix that and came back and handed him these and told him to give them to me and Suzanne... 

 He gave them to us when we all got together for dinner tonight and my mom also got the 10th anniversary Dr. Pepper, which just means the cans looked cool!

Then on our way home from dinner I checked the mailbox and there was a letter from Lyndsay from boot camp!!! Yay!  It's probably been in there a while, but I was so excited!  I used to get letters from my friend Jamie when she was in, so this reminds me of that time!  Lyndsay is doing well, but I know it's tough for her!  She says it's rewarding though!  I immediately sat down to right her back again!

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