Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 193 ~ The Crazy Cat of the Couch

I was doing stuff at the computer today and I look down and all I can see are these little white feet and tail sticking out!  I said Steve you are such a retard, you look like the witch under the house.... he ignored me, I was worried he was dead!

Steve also helped me make Banana Bread with Nutella in it today :)  I have off this week from work so I decided I would at least try some new things!  Don't worry, my floor was mopped right before this and he didn't actually get anywhere near the pan with the batter in it!  It was just a difficult task to layer the regular batter with the Nutella batter, so I needed lots of space and the floor seemed like it!

It turned out totally awesome by the way :)  Here is the link to the recipe, provided by yours truly Amanda Rocus! 

I didn't have as much Nutella as it says you need, but it still is easy to tell it's in there!  You can also use any banana bread recipe and just do what this one says to do with the Nutella, that's what I did because I'm partial to my mom's recipe out of our family cook book!

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  1. YUMM!!!!!! I am totally going to try this sometime soon!!!