Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 191 ~ "You learn something new every day"

Today, I learned new things about myself and my place of living!

#1.... I cannot resist a chance to watch the Steelers LOSE no matter who it is who makes them LOSE!!!!  I didn't think I was going to watch the Super Bowl this year because if it isn't the Ravens playing the Steelers then I thought there really was not much point in watching.  By the 3rd quarter, I was glued to the computer screen yelling at it (we couldn't get it on our TV!)  And at that moment that I knew no matter happened, the Steelers were going down, it felt good!  And still does, I'm still happy about it! :)

#2 .... My door is magnetic!  How I did not know this all this time, who knows.... but so are my linen closet doors AND my coat closet doors!  Crazy!  These are all the magnets we have collected from th eplaces Nate and I go together!  As well as Brandi's save the date card that came in the mail the other day... she's asked me to be in her wedding and I so can'twait for it because it will be the first wedding besides my own that I get to be in!


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