Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 198 ~ A Lazy Sunday.... (Sunday February 13th)

I don't have much to say for today.... we really didn't do anything!  I played handbells at church this morning and were were served an awesome "pre-valentine's day"pancake breakfast.  And the I came home and we didn't do much!  I watched some Grey's Anatomy, thought that my birthday card from my best friend Brandi was particularly amazing (the one on the right, and the one on the lef is our Valentine's card from my inlaws!) so I thought to take a picture of it!  And then I did some farming and I am trying to save up enough coins to expamd my farm.  You Need  two million and I have been saving up for weeks now and just went over a million today :)  Not only that but there were two "27"s on the screen and I thought that was lucky! 

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