Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 190 ~ Cleaning = Fun when Erin's around!

Erin Phillips is a god send to my life at this moment!  She came over, no questions asked, and brought her cleaning supplie and helped me ALL afternoon to clean my apartment!  I was just starting to feel like I was drowning in mess here too.... and now I feel like I can breathe again!

This corner hasn't been this empty in months..... we used to have "mount empty boxes" here.  I took them down to the storage unit while she got started vacuuming (ours is broken, thus the major malfunction) since they are good usable boxes but they were driving me CRAZY!!!! And there was also a lot of stuff we would throw back there to get away from the cats if they were being pests!

And look at that gorgeous vacuumed carpet <3

And Steve also met someone who for once is just as pesky and annoying to him as he is to us! ^_^  He liked Alyssa's attention, but every once in a while we would find them like this

He would always look so pathetic... being like "mommy make her stop! don't let her do it again!!!"

Anyways..... Erin cleaned my whole bathroom spite my protests that she shouldn't have to do that part!  All I hadto do was move things and put away things and then clean the kitchen after I took them home after Justin came over for burgers and watching Grey's Anatomy!  It was just so amazing of her to do it without asking anything in return and I know she will clean her apartment before I have the chance to return the favor!  Times like these where I wouldn't have my life any other way!

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