Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 61 ~ the borrowed belongings...

As I was searching on this lovely rainy day... its been pouring down rain since earlier this evening and i love it <3... for something to take a picture of... I stumbled across the perfect scene of "something borrowed" :)This is where we keep our books currently being read, on the corner of the coffee table. Obviously the top are library books, mine, that will be sitting there until I can renew them no more ;) the bottom book that looks like mine is borrowed from my mom and then Nate's book on the bottom borrowed from his friend! And to make it truly complet, which is the whole reason this scene caught my eye to begin with... that is actually where I keep that extra knitting needle, and allmy knitting needles are borrowed from my friend ... I use it to poke Steve when he is being so pesky and won't leave me alone... pesky kitten gets poked in the tail a lot! *evil grin*

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