Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 56 ~ Fair day!!!!

Today was our community fair... I think I've only missed it once in like 12 years!  The parade goes right by the end of my family's street and the fair field is right behind the street!  It's my favorite day of the whole year and  I think the best part is that it sneaks up on me, so it's always really exciting!  On the Child's gift of lullabys CD, there is this song that is about going tyo the fair in the morning... every year on the day before my sister and I always sing "Tommorrow we'll go to the fair!!!" And the rest of the song for that matter :)

This is the most epic piece of candy I have ever been thrown during the parade!  I didn't even know they made yellow ones of these, but I love yellow so it totally made my day!

And then this is me and my sister in our annual picture :)

Last year, I thought I had lost my blue shirt... so I bought a new one and then as soon as I did I found my other one so I gave it to Suzanne... I was so excited that we both had one this year!
These are the pictures from previous years!

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