Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 48 ~ Food is Essential to Life...

Therefore, Make it Good!

On the wall at Chick Fil A :)  I've been wanting to take a picture of this for ages, but never had my camera, because I love this quote... it's just too true which is why we eat here so often! We are Chick Fil A addicts... ok well at least I am ;)  I always get the classic #1 with Dr. Pepper and give the pickles to Nate!  Why I don't just order without pickles, I'll never really know, but that's just the way it works!  Nate just kind of follows along with my insantity!

And sometimes, makes one of his rare truly good jokes that I actually laugh at for real!

"Hey look baby it's a "Straw" Berry Milkshake"

"Get it? It's a Strawberry milkshake with strawberry stuck in the straw.......... "Straw" Berry Milkshake!"

He's as bad as my grandfather sometimes!!!!

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  1. we're chickfila aholics too! i love their wrapps : ) and lemonade!