Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 42 ~ Being adventurous!

Alright so as annoying as it is that this picture refused  to rotate, I had to use it because this is what I did today!  Nate's parent's and sister go on thesewalks called Volks marches.  They originated in Germany and then came to the U.S.  They are trails through essentially nice parts of different towns that volunteer to host them throughout Maryland!  I went on my very first march today and I got my "new walker" books (they are kind of like passports and you get a stamp for every one you complete) and it was a 5K one through Montpelier in Laurel, MD.  It was really fun and I felt active and adventerous!  Nate had to work, but I hope he'll go on the next one on New Years day with me :)  Today's march was also to commemorate 9-11 which is what the badge is for!

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