Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 49 (Saturday September 18th) ~ Orange

I was babysitting tonight and was playing a memory game with Lucy.... today's theme was orange and I noticed there were a lot of pretty pairs with Orange in them so I put them in an o shape :)

Today also marks the first time that I was technically capable of putting my picture up on the day... but didn't!  It is now 12:20!  I didn't have a picture before I left for babysitting.  Nothing was good enough and I also had my family over for dinner <3 But Nate was working at Food Lion and after he got off at 11:00 we (me, Nate, and his friends) went to our local park to participate in the very first "international annual observe the moon night"  :)  We looked at the moon with his dad's telescope and then also found Jupiter, which I was excited aboutand we were able to see 5 of its moons too!  I got pretty cold while we were standing there so when we got home I needed to thaw, and then I realized it was after midnight so technically not Saturday the 18th anymore!  Ah well, it's all good.... good day!

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