Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 44 ~ I knew I missed this for a reason...

My handbells :) 

I used to play handbells with a childhood friend at her church.  After several years I stopped playing for various reasons.  Well with a desperate need of something new to get into and the choir's need for new players... I joined with a new church.  I have known Jamie and Anna for many years... their mother taught me piano and Jamie now teaches my sister piano, I used to ice skate with Anna and we have kept in touch over the years even with lots of time of not seeing each other in between. Jamie directs the handbell choir at a church in my neighborhood.  We all got together last Friday to have a girls afternoon out and we were talking about bells and next thing I know I'm at practice and I could have played all night I felt so at home.  I knew somehwere deep down that I missed playing every now and then... and I think I've maybe found a place I belong and something I'm good at!  I started out the night playing one bell and before the night was over I was playing all of these in the picture.  Not quite up to what I was playing back in my early teens, but close enough for me to feel a thrill! For tonight I felt important, needed!  I haven't felt that in a while <3

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